Hi, we’re C.M.W.

We are a marketing agency focused on brand building and communication.

As part of a larger organization - the Rosalia Group in Luxemburg - we develop and manage marketing concepts and strategies for brands like 28 BLACK and companies such as Splendid Drinks.

We understand...

...how creative, media, and technology work together

...the importance of getting to market quickly and responsibly

...that no process should look the same

Our services include:

From designing a logo to creating a TV spot - we develop your communication measures

Excellent Design

Project: Packaging 28 BLACK Hanf, CALIDRIS 28 Deutschland GmbH
Award: Special Mention Packaging, German Design Award

The 28 BLACK Hanf can features two essential characteristics: first, the affiliation with the 28 BLACK product family through the black area with the logo, and second, the visualisation of the flavour through the illustration of a hemp leaf. To attract attention and clearly stand out on the shelves, the packaging smoothly combines – in addition to black – the colours neon green and neon pink with an appropriate background grid for the hemp leaf as key idea of the can.

Project: Website, Rosalia AG
Award: Special Mention Web, German Design Award

Anyone who wants to change the world must share in it and take a share! With this thougt Rosalia AG describes its spirit and business as investment company. A clear design and straight visual language as well as a text, which is reduced to the essential, give the visitor of the website a vivid impression about business areas, expertise and attitude of Rosalia in a fast and straight-forward way.